Inspirational talks

Looking for inspiration?

Do you wish to motivate your team, networking group, company event or someone else? Take a closer look at our catalogue of inspirational talks.

The participants at our talks will be able to see a bigger picture and understand the perspectives of an Agile journey in a changing business and management environment. Over the past three decades we have built a large number of presentations and talks for both smaller or larger audiences. Some talks have been live and others online. Most of them are formed to create a basis for a perspective giving discussion.

Inspirational talk about Agile

We will dive into the history and trends regarding the journey from classical, hierarchical management to new organizational structures and Agile leadership. Furthermore, we will present to you a handful of real-life Agile cases.

In this inspirational, we will touch upon the following subjects:

  • Organizational agility and trends
  • Understanding the difference between the old ways of working versus the modern self-management mindset
  • Looking into the pains of the former way of doing things
  • The need for culture and management change
  • How to attract the right employees and maintain employee satisfaction
  • Real life cases about companies who’ve completed succesfull transformations

Great Teams Inspirational talk

In this inspirational talk, we will present the purpose and value of the Great Teams Workshop. The talk includes:

  • An overview of what is needed for organizations in the future
  • Business value and purpose
  • How to do a light weight diagnose of your organization and teams dynamics
  • Deep dive into Great Teams to understand what contributes to success or failure
  • How to accelerate a team to become a great team
  • Experiences from our Great Teams Workshop

To learn more about Great Teams Workshop, click here.

Individually designed talks

We also tailor inspirational talks that are designed to serve your specific needs. Please contact us to see what we can offer you.