Networking groups

Grow Beyond facilitates a number of interest driven networking groups that all focus on the importance of knowledge sharing. The purpose of the networking groups is to build a reciprocal learning community for people who work with scaling business agility. We facilitate various networking groups aimed at different, specific organizational levels.

By facilitating these networks we aim to:

  • Build a strong learning community in cooperation with our peers
  • Share our collective tips, tricks and knowledge
  • Establish an openminded group that like to share and give good advice to each other in a confidential environment.

What’s in it for you?

  • By participating in one or more of our networking groups you gain valuable learnings, you can use to succeed in your job
  • You will gain new insight by sharing pains and successes with your peers
  • Even though the topics are serious, the networking groups are a great opportunity to socialize and have fun

Are you interested in joining of our networking groups? Let’s get in touch!

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