LIVE-online Certified Scrum at Scale Training, August 26-28, each day from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm CET


Trainers: Simon Roberts and Carsten R. Jakobsen

This 16-hour course spanning 3 days is an in-depth presentation and exploration of the Scrum@Scale framework. It includes a live Q@A with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, inventor of Scrum@Scale. This course teaches you how to safely and pragmatically scale Scrum across an entire enterprise. The trainers share examples from real organizations from their extensive experience. Each participant achieves the Scrum At Scale Practitioner certification after completing the certification exam.

Technical setup: Zoom and Mural


COVID-19 NOTICE: Pursuant to the Danish goverment's advisory Grow Beyond has cancelled all current in-person courses. Please note, this does not impact Grow Beyond's LIVE-online courses and services

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