We utilize our more than 30 years of experience to help business leaders facilitate successful transformations and lasting change.


Let us inspire your organization in one of our engaging workshops. We utilize our years of practical experience and extensive theoretical knowledge to help you understand where your organization can improve – and how.

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Increase your knowledge about modern leadership. Take one of our certified courses on how to become a great Scrum Master or Product Owner, or educate yourself in how to scale business agility across your company.

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Get support to create a strategy for gaining business agility and get on-site help to implement it. Engage one of our coaches to be on-site with you on a 2-3 days-a-week basis, to be able to benefit from being supported by someone who has done this before.

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Meet and connect with business leaders from other organizations. Share experiences and practices with leaders from similar organizations who are going through the same process as you in order to harvest synergies of your learnings.

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Our stepwise process for driving organizational success begins by helping you answer, “Do we need to change?”. Through engaging workshops, we identify transformation areas and set a strong foundation for change. We guide you in getting started by setting the foundation for optimal collaboration and efficiency, we enhance performance with targeted training, equipping leaders with the skills to inspire and motivate, and finally, we focus on improving team communication and cooperation, breaking down silos and fostering unified progress, ensuring sustainable growth.



The leadership team in the IT infrastructure department at the LEGO Group needed help to facilitate the transformation to scale business agility. The Grow Beyond consultant was on-site coach for two years and helped the leadership team design and implement the change strategy, including reorganizing the team structure and the leadership model.

Universal Robots

The PMO at Universal Robots wanted to improve their agile portfolio management. Grow Beyond conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders in the organization and provided an assessment of their current issues as well as suggestions for improvements.


A leadership team in Vestas wanted to understand what it would mean for their department to “be agile” and if agility would help them achieve their new ambitious strategy. Grow Beyond facilitated three Agile Introduction workshops that gave the leadership team a shared understanding of their specific situation. The team made the decision to start a transformation.


Making us ask the right questions and search for the appropriate growth opportunities!

I met Carsten in early 2022, where he trained me as a Scrum Master when starting a new role. More than providing me the tools to be a good scrum master, Carsten has inspired me to foster a growth mindset in myself and the people around me that is centered on trust and collaboration. His collaboration has instilled a curious and adaptive agile mindset across our department that ensures a continuous improvement in a sustainable way. I really appreciate Carsten’s coaching style for making us ask the right questions and search for the appropriate growth opportunities. Therefore I highly recommend engaging with Carsten if you’re looking to enhance your skillset and improve your products and ways of working.
Filipa Gomes
Vestas Wind Systems

There are five ingredients in a successful change:
  • A clear purpose for management and employees
  • An experimental step-by-step approach to implementation
  • Focus on practical solutions that are tailored to the context
  • A process that is supported by just enough theoretical input
  • Support and input from experts who have succeeded before
Facilitating change means designing the transformation for people:
  • A high level of interaction and exercises designed for engagement
  • Graphic (analogue) facilitation
  • Translation of learnings to participant’s work-life
  • Invitation to change
  • Psychological safety
  • Fun


Facilitating change to achieve business agility is a demanding task for leaders – on top of your already busy schedules. Engaging with us on a regular basis, you always have someone to support you in the specific situation you are in, to increase your rate of success.

Theoretical knowledge. You don’t have to spend time on finding the literature and understanding the theory on your own. We have the knowledge ready at hand, we can provide you with additional information sources when needed, and we can contextualize it for and with you.
Practical experience. We have done this before, and we put this experience into play when we support you in designing your action plan, helping you to avoid the pitfalls that many other organizations have seen. This accelerates your process and increases the success rate of your actions.
Advice on implementation. You don’t need to translate theoretical models to your context from scratch. We can provide you with practical examples of organizational models, role descriptions, operationalization of product definitions, processes etc.
Access to our network. We have formalized network groups that you are invited to join, where you meet up and exchange experiences and knowledge with leaders from other large Danish companies who are in the same situation as you. Furthermore, we can facilitate 1:1 ad hoc meetings with leaders outside our network to exchange knowledge on specific issues you find relevant.
Tailored training. We can provide training for your organization, tailored to your needs.