Management coaching

The key to scaling business agility successfully is, for leaders, and particularly senior leaders, to develop substantially new mindsets and capabilities to drive growth, minimize bureaucracy, and react to fast changing demands.

How we contribute to your organization:

  • Fostering innovation. Today, leaders need to shift to a creative mindset of continuous discovery, seeking diversity of thought, fostering creative mindsets, embracing risks, and experimenting.
  • From authority to partner. To design and build a creative organization, leaders need a different set of skills to achieve business agility, and they must learn to design their organization as a distributed, continuously evolving system.
  • Shape a responsive organizational culture. Leaders need to develop the ability to shape high-level responsive culture across the whole organization.
  • Fostering collaboration. Organizations require partnerships and collaboration based trust and accountability.

Team coaching

Be successful with your transformation. The purpose of team coaching is to make your teams able to create the right solutions faster. We’re providing both leadership teams and development teams with both specific skillsets and the ability to work together as a group and not just as individuals. We’re also looking into how to eliminate potential challenges that teams on all levels may face.

We will help you achieve the right team culture and mindset for your organization, whiles’t making sure it evolves correctly.

Examples of team coaching topics:

  • How do we as a leadership team align towards shared common goals across departments?
  • How do you become an efficient product owner team?
  • How do you make sure that your teams are able to produce reliable and transparent plans and estimates?
  • What do you need to achieve the right management culture?
  • How do we get teams that thrive while optimizing their output?

1-1 Coaching

If you have a need for personal guidance and advice we can offer you one or more 1-1 coaching sessions. Typically we focus on issues regarding process transformation, people management and “How to improve” questions.

Examples of challenges and questions in a personal coaching session:

  • How do I cope with my team, who does not understand our new process?
  • How do I assess the current state of our companies journey towards business agility?
  • What can I do to support the need for changing culture?
  • We lack a common understanding of how we prioritize?
  • How do we eliminiate bureaucracy?
  • How do we speed up decision making?
  • How do we respond faster to our customers needs?