Why Business Agility?

We can help you scale business agility across your entire organization to: improve time-to-market, boost quality, so that people thrive and the organization becomes truly adaptive. The primary reason for companies to aspire to business agility is survival, by creating an organisation capable of reacting rapidly to changes in markets, fostering innovation by all people at all levels and being an organisation fit for people, where people at all levels thrive and want to contribute with their creativity every day.

Some examples of our consulting services are listed below: 

  • Management consulting for organizational transformation
  • Assessments, interviews and reporting
  • Coaching in theories and practices
  • Team mentoring and coaching
  • Person-to person mentoring and coaching
  • Individually designed talks
  • Individually designed training and workshops

How do you assess the benefits of your business agility strategy?

Many companies struggle with organizational transformation. This is understandable. The list of common challenges and needs for change is long and often complex.

We offer various types of assessments that give you valuable information about your current situation. Our assessments are based on solid experiences based on theory with traditionally recognized frameworks like CMMI, PMI, SAFe, and our proven model Pragmatic Scaling assessment.

We work with leaders and teams to create a common understanding of the current issues within your organization. We use interviews combined with a retrospective to help teams, managers and others reflect on the current state of the organisation, formulate goals for the transformation and to take ownership of their future. We produce a lightweight report with recommendations on next steps.

If you like to improve specific group behaviors, management skills or other organizational changes, we offer assessments tailored to your needs.

A business agility transformation requires:

To achieve a successful transformation, you will need to work with – and change – elements like culture, organization, management, roles and responsibilities.

With more than 30 years of experience working together with established companies, we add value to our customers journeys towards becoming modern and fast responding organizations.

Why Grow Beyond?

  • We are agile pioneers, among the first in Denmark to work with agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe and others.
  • We know how to gain business agility in organizations regulated by governance like CMMI, FDA and more.
  • We know how to adopt the agile mindset in management, business units, production and IT departments.
  • We have helped both SMEs and large public and private companies in Denmark, the Nordic contries and Europe.