Article: Mature agile with a twist of CMMI (2008)

Carsten R. Jakobsen & Kent Johnson ———— Systematic is an agile company working at CMMI level 5, where the default way of working is based on Scrum and story based early testing development. Solid experiences in combining CMMI with Scrum and story based development, has shown that the mix provides strong synergies [2] and insights into what CMMI practices fit and amplify the execution of Scrum and story based early testing development This paper presents specifically how agile methods like Scrum are successfully combined with CMMI. CMMI provides solid support for what disciplines to consider. When applied the disciplines create a focus on important aspects of agile methods that perhaps are not normally elaborated, for example how to ensure a proper quality of a product backlog or how to ensure a proper “production line” for the project. This guidance may not be needed for small agile projects, but as the agile movement continues to grow, and is used for larger and more complex projects, agile projects will need to address these issues related to increased size and complexity. The experiences from combining CMMI and Scrum have led Systematic to identify examples of explicit guidance from CMMI that help to execute normal Scrum activities even better. These activities can be implemented in the spirit of the agile manifesto and principles and by doing so agile methods can be augmented and matured to ensure that even larger and more complex projects in the future can and will benefit from agile – with a twist of CMMI.

Jakobsen, Carsten & Johnson, Kent. (2008). Mature agile with a twist of CMMI. Proceedings – Agile 2008 Conference. 212-217. 10.1109/Agile.2008.10.

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