Registered Agile Leader@Scale

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This two-day Registered Agile Leader@Scale™ course combines the full Agile Leader@Scale course with the insights we’ve gathered from working with large, Danish companies. This allows us to expand the course with real life examples and war stories that makes it easier for the course participants to convert the learning to their own real-world contexts. During the course, you will be able to identify and understand what leadership means and how it is adapted to the Agile context of organizations scaling Scrum. You’ll also explore Agile organizational health & design, prioritization & alignment, and organizational efficiency & effectiveness through the lens of leadership against the backdrop of organizational culture.

The prerequisite for this course is a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum@Scale Guide

As a Scrum Inc. trained Agile Leader@Scale you will be prepared to:

  • Lead teams of teams in any environment or industry as a credentialed Agilist
  • Represent the Scrum Values of Focus, Courage, Commitment, Openness, and Respect
  • Network with industry leaders and Agile professionals
  • Pass the test and earn your credential

About the Registered Agile Leader@Scale Exam & Credential:

Students who complete a 2-day Registered Agile Leader@Scale class comprised of at least 14 hours of live instruction time covering all Learning Objectives with a Registered Scrum Trainer are eligible to take the Registered Agile Leader@Scale exam. Students who pass the exam will earn their Registered Agile Leader@Scale  credential. The credential formally recognizes your knowledge of lean principles, Agile Leader@Scale techniques, patterns of high-performing teams, and how the Agile Leader role scales in an organization. The Registered Agile Leader@Scale credential is the only Scrum Agile Leader@Scale credential endorsed by Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and inventor of Scrum@Scale. The Registered Agile Leader@Scale accreditation will make you stand out to employers, stakeholders, and peers.

Venue and catering
Favrskov Erhvervscenter
Bogøvej 15, 8382 Hinnerup

On both days the class will start at 8.30 am and end 4.30 pm. We provide breakfast, lunch, coffee and snacks throughout the day.

About Your Trainer:
Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen is a Registered Scrum@Scale® Trainer and Registered Scrum Trainer.
Since 2006 Carsten has led change management and transformation in organisations to adopt Scrum and agile values. He has written several articles with Jeff Sutherland, and is a speaker at international agile conferences. The most recent organisations Carsten worked with includes LEGO and Rambøll Management. Carsten lectures at Aalborg University in agile methods, and holds an EBA (Engineering Business Administration) and a CSP (Certified Scrum Professional).